Toronto Women (And Their Moms) Share Their Summer Must-Have Outfits

Even on a beautiful Tuesday afternoon in Toronto, the mall is packed with shoppers and folks craving some mall food. Giddy women shopping their hearts away mostly in pairs or with their mall squad. I took advantage of the opportunity to chat with some of these women unbeknownst to me were spending the afternoon at the mall with their moms. "I am so sorry to bother you but may I ask you a question, please?" I coyly asked them. First, they cautiously agree with giving me a sneaky side-eye but as soon as I asked them the question, "What is your summer must-have outfit…you know, that summer go-to-got-to-have outfit?" They instantly relax and start to share. I could see their eyes light up almost as if saying, "Phew, thought she was about to ask me for money." Hahaha, I thought it was nice to see the relief on their faces. While a couple of the women I spoke with were with friends, those with their moms and the moms definitely made it all more interesting.

Based on the number of times the same outfit was mentioned by all the different women I talked to, I was able to develop the list below starting with the most popular.

1. Short Dress with Sneakers

This is a trend that is here to stay. The sporty chic look has been mastered by the world of fashion and given rise to comfortable fashion culture. While there are many ways to do the sporty look and do it right, there is only one way to wearing a dress with sneakers. It is easy peasy quick and chic. It is no surprise most of the women I spoke with separately, by the way, find this to be their summer must-have outfit. A mom shared she preferred a very short dress with emphasis on a micro mini with heels but will switch between heels and sneakers.


2. Maxi Dress with Flip-flops and a Hat

A maxi dress is the mecca of dresses. Most women will go for a maxi dress even after they think they have more than enough in their closets. It the comfort of a long graceful look too elegant to pass up. Some of the women I talked who preferred a short dress also mentioned they would definitely wear maxis as well.


3. T-Shirt with Shorts

This is easily most people's favorite summer must-have and it sure never gets old. From low-rise to high waisted, shorts with a T-shirt can be worn with just about any type of shoes.



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