Steps to Real Life “Adulting” After Graduation by a Successful Entrepreneur


Steps to Real Life “Adulting” After Graduation by a Successful Entrepreneur

Stefan Lewinger is a successful entrepreneur and the co-founder of Sock Fancy and he wants to share these Steps to Real Life “Adulting” After Graduation with all the recent graduates out there.

Congrats Grads! Now What? 

Moving out of the comfort and security of your parents’ house is both exciting and terrifying at the same time. You are venturing out on your own and becoming your own person, but do you know everything that comes along with this next big step? Self-sufficiency can be a tough concept to grasp at first, and it’s hard attempting everyday things on your own for the first time. There will definitely be some surprises along the way, but thankfully, we, your friends at Sock Fancy are here to give you some tips and tricks to guide you on your path to real life adulting.


Create your own budget

You are going to have new living expenses, and it will be overwhelming at first. If you don’t budget your bills and miscellaneous costs before you start actually paying them, you might struggle with an empty bank account before the month runs out. By creating a budget for yourself, you will find that after you budget for the necessities, you can spend what’s left of your money stress-free on fun luxury items and young adult extracurriculars. (#SPRINGBREAK!)


Time management

Something that will take you by surprise when you begin living on your own is the effort it takes to manage your time. Your parents aren’t going to be there to hold your hand through your daily schedule and tell you when to sleep, eat, hang with your friends, or do your homework. This seems insignificant, but time management is a proven stressor for young adults who don’t understand how to plan their time. What’s even crazier, your mom might have you start making your own doctor’s appointments! It’s all part of being a mature adult.


Learn how to cook

I don’t mean just Top Ramen, though that might become a staple for you depending on how your budget creation pans out. It may not seem like it, but buying your own groceries and cooking is much cheaper than hitting up a fast food joint on the regular. Plus, if you are a good enough cook you will open many more doors to the dating world.


Learn to dress yourself

You most likely already dress and probably have even been buying your own clothes since your teens, but your mom won’t be there to buy your socks and underwear anymore. Thank goodness! Now you can branch out and get trendier, eye-catching socks that are sure to turn some heads. Sock Fancy makes this process easy for you to get new (and clean) socks delivered straight to your door every month. Not only are you getting socks for necessity, but these socks are also fashionable! Start here.


Venturing into the real world on your own might seem scary, but it’s something that everyone will go through or has already gone through. In time, you will learn how to master this whole adulting thing. Let Sock Fancy help you out along the way with trendy, practical footwear.

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