Need A Gift Idea? The Brew Box Company Gets Creative With Beer

The Brew Box Company gets creative with freshly brewed beer. Nothing says cool like having unique selections of craft beer from across Ontario delivered to your doorstep. This is a beer company for beer lovers who enjoy the luxury of having a mix of different types of beer that are sometimes difficult to find in one box. The Brew Box Company makes its beer readily available at the LCBO for you to purchase for yourself or someone else. Another option is to order from their website by signing up for the opportunity to choose a one month to one year subscription box with featured craft beer based on your taste or preference.

As A Gift Idea

It's wedding season and this could be a great gift idea for the groomsmen.


We received a box here and we can confidently tell you we were immediately impressed by just the concept of it all. The packaging and unique style of the bottles are so original and very unique...but then there was more! Inside the box was another box containing a beer bottle opener and coasters with the Brew Box Company on each one of them. I mean they literally have you covered.

Brew Box Company
Brew Box Company
Brew Box Company

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