May Showers At Through The Garden Gate Preview

Come rain or sun the tour must go on and so it did. This year's "Through The Garden Gate" Preview by Toronto Botanical Garden proved to be a game changer for all tours. When I checked the weather a day before the event, I was 100% sure the tour was going to be canceled. I contemplated whether to call to confirm what I was already thinking but decided to check my email first. There it was - An email from the TBG Director of Marketing & Communications saying the tour must go on, so bring your umbrellas and wear your waterproof shoes. I guess I was wrong.

The event was from 12 noon to 3:30 PM. I arrived at Toronto Botanical Garden just before noon for the opening remarks, to pick up a boxed lunch nicely packaged for us, the press kit, garden guide and a pair of complimentary tickets to the tour.

By the way, these are private garden tours with some of the most beautiful gardens in Toronto. My first Through The Garden Gate tour was last year and it was truly breathtaking -Still is. This year is their 30th anniversary featuring 30+ gardens. See details of the event and how to get your tickets here.

Thanks to Angie's Pop for their ever so refreshing ice pops.


Photo Credit: TBG


May Showers At Through The Garden Gate Preview

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