Kristi Soomer of encircled Talks Fears, Challenges, Inspirations and Plans

Kristi Soomer is a Canadian fashion designer, founder and CEO of encircled who sat down to chit chat with me about her fears, challenges, inspirations and plans...and it was truly refreshing. Today, she will be showing her pieces during Startup Fashion Week in Toronto. Look here for details.

Who Is Kristi Soomer?

She is an environmental friendly designer who makes all her products here in Toronto, Canada. Her lifestyle products do not only cater to women who appreciate a minimalistic look but also women who love wears that are comfortable and stylish. She makes every piece very rewarding in the sense that she thinks of her customers first and designs pieces for them that they can wear over and over again in many ways as possible.

The Interview Morning

I was invited to her studio to have a sit-down interview with her on a very beautiful morning. I had informed her earlier during our email exchanges that I would like to have it on camera. Not exactly sure if she would agree to it, I was optimistic. So I arrived in her studio with my camera hoping inside she would say, yes. Her studio was a beautiful loft with large windows through which lots of light from the beautiful day came right in. When she came to meet me at the waiting area, she was so pleasant and then immediately confirmed that I did mention I wanted to film the interview, right? She asked. I said only if you don't mind. She agreed with a smile and I was so thrilled! She jokingly mentioned she wasn't all dolled up for the interview though but I reminded her she looked great (which I am sure she didn't need me too anyway) and I wanted my readers and viewers to be able to relate with that and with her regardless. The interview proved just that because her inner beauty, strength and confidence shined through so effortlessly.

Knowing her story about how she started from her little kitchen and now she has a studio right next to Pink Tartan was a very humbling and inspiring moment to be a part of.  We sat and talked freely about her work, life outside work, travel, inspirations, being a woman in her industry, what she has planned, and how she got where she is today as a designer. Listen to the interview above and also click on this link to her website to see her pieces.

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