Best Makeup Tips For Beginners According To M.A.C Makeup Artists

I had to leave everything I ever knew about makeup at the door before walking into a M.A.C store to ask for the best makeup tips for a beginner. Wearing makeup is a personal thing and is rightfully so but in order to get it right, it may mean opening up a little bit about it. So just like anyone interested in wearing makeup but without a clue on how or where to begin, I approached the first available makeup artist I saw in the M.A.C store and laid it all out. What started with one makeup artist giving me some of the best makeup tips any beginner could get ended up with two and they both couldn't have been more helpful.  Now let me walk you through what they told me. 


Know What You Want

As a beginner, before you talk to a beauty expert or walk into a makeup store to start filling up your shopping cart with just about every makeup you probably have no business buying just yet, ask yourself what exactly it is you want from wearing makeup.  Is it to help improve the way your skin looks, enhance your eyes,  even your skin tone or cover those dark circles underneath the eyes? Once you have that figured out then you can move on to buying the makeup you actually need.

Face It

Now that you know why you want to start wearing makeup always make it a point to keep the face moisturized at all times before applying any makeup. The easiest and best way to get comfortable with makeup is to start with very few products and the face is the perfect place to begin.


Perfect It

For a beginner, the three makeup products recommended you start with are a foundation, powder, and concealer. It is good to focus on one area of the face, get comfortable knowing how to apply each of these three products and then learn how to perfect it. Once you have achieved a look that you want and feel more confident each day applying it yourself then move on to other parts of the face like the eyes.  Also, the only two makeup brushes you will need as a beginner are a foundation brush and a powder brush to apply them. 

I am going to leave you with these few tips to take in and try if you like. In the next post on our "Makeup For Beginners" Series, I will discuss more on these three products and also share some very helpful tips, techniques and guide. 

M.A.C Foundation

M.A.C Studio Fix Powder

M.A.C Concealer

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