5 Things To Take Away From Microsoft Surface Pro Preview #SurfaceStyle

This is the newest member of the Surface series and it comes with upgrades you can't help but appreciate, such as the longer battery life of up to 13.5 hours. A preview of this Surface Pro was hosted at Saks Fifth Avenue in Sherway Gardens, Toronto bringing in a very diverse panel of designers to share their experiences using it for their work. Right after listening to the panel speak we all had a chance to play around with the Surface Pro Laptops on display. I was drawn to a guest who completely got right into the design features and I could tell she was having so much fun with the laptop (See video below). I walked away after watching her for a while to another display table -There I found a Marketing Executive for Microsoft Canada whom I asked a few questions about the Surface Pro. At the end of the day, I walked away knowing a lot more about the Surface Pro but these five things stood out more to me. 


From the extra sensitivity of the Surface Pro pen to the touch screen, slim portability, versatility, the texture of the Surface Cover and sleek features, it shows the thought process behind the design of the Surface Pro was made to personalize every user's experience.


Besides its ultra-light and easy portability, the Surface Pro can be used in Laptop Mode, Studio Mode, and Tablet Mode. It comes with a cover with full keyboard experience and a hinged Kickstand to enable a Laptop Mode. The Kickstand can be taken down to give the laptop a slight tilt from the back in order to work in Studio mode. When the Kickstand is closed and the Surface Pro Cover with the keyboard feature is detached or folded back, it enables a Tablet Mode.


From just a few minutes of playing with it, I could tell you don't have to be a creative genius or a computer guru to work with the Surface Pro. It comes with so many features that may seem intimidating at first but once I started working with them, I realized they were easy to use. For beginners or first time Surface users, the brilliant creative features like the color enhancing feature make it easy to create and design easily even while learning as you go. But then again, isn't that what being creative is all about?


The clean minimalistic look of the Surface Pro gives it an effortlessly classy look. The Signature Type Cover is made with a high-end luxury product that makes it remarkably soft to touch.


I discovered their attention to details is impeccable. The new Surface Pro is fast, quiet and responds impressively to the new Pro Pen. The new pen not only writes in real-time but can be tilted for shading.


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